Ybersat was a Gropaga who was forced to sacrifice his own friend to appease Inglip.

Sacrificing IrceilEdit

Ybersat was called upon by Inglip to answer for a most heinous crime: he forgot to bring an armadillo on Ingday .

Ybersat quickly asked for Inglip's mercy and asked how he could redeem himself.

Inglip ordered him to sacrifice his best friend Irceil.

A distraught Ybersat asked from Irceil's mercy, and asked Inglip to at least give him a way to kill him quickly and painlessly.

Inglip told him to stab him through the forehead.

With tears swelling in his eyes, Ybersat asked for Irceil's forgiveness as he stabbed him though the forehead with a curved dagger.

On the same day, other gropagas also forgot to aquire armadillos for the occasion, and were ordered by Inglip to kill their friends:

- The famed accolyte [Leissa Schriever] was ordered to sacrifice her friend [[1]].

- A redditor gropaga by the name of [[2]] was forced to [out his own eye.]

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[comic ]

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