Inglip's order to Hallnote

Wroverin was a distant fortress in a realm of unprecendented wealth. It is in the former kingdom of Wroverin that Inglip demanded the gropagas to raise the great Esidia Gallery for the exposure of art and writing depicting the glory of Inglip and the achievements of gropagas throughout the ages.

The enemy fortress was sieged and subsequently captured by Hallnote, the great acolyte who was transformed into a powerful Inglipticon.

The Battle of Wroverin FortressEdit

Inglip desired that the Esidia Gallery be built in Wroverin, but at the time, the realm was occupied by the Wroverians, a race unfriendly to Trathira. In order to build his museum, the realm would have to be captured and colonized. The gropaga Hallnote was chosen to lead the charge after he was transformed into an Inglipticon, a Dectrip war machine of immense power.

The gropagas easily besieged and captured the forest with minimal casualties, and subsequently enslaved the surviving Wroverian army and people. Very few pure-blooded Wroverians exist, as most interbred with or were slaughtered by the invading Grisidly Army.