Gropagas show their "appreciation" for Leanex's gift.

Warplumes are sacred feathers used by Gropagas as food. Not much is known about their properties, but it is assumed they don't have a very good taste.

The Leanex AccidentEdit

In fact, during a battle against Leanex's followers, Gropagas needed food supplies. Rations of Warplumes for Gropagas were then dispatched, much to their disappointment.

An enemy lieutenant, Dettly, even started to pity his foes, and asked Leanex if they deserved a small reward for loyally obeying Inglip, even if he ordered to eat such a strange food. Leanex then ordered him to send some toast to Gropagas. Dettly promptly texted Sergeant Icat said orders, who then ordered his subordinate Riondil to go to the Gropagan camp and send the toast.

Unfortunately for them, Gropagas didn't react well to Leanex's generosity, as they immediately attacked Riondil, making him run away.

Only Leissa Schriever considered Riondil's offer, and asked him if she could try some of the food that he was about to give Gropagas (sacrificing herself to avert an eventual trap in the process).

Inglip then hit her with a red lightning to punish her for disobeying him, as she was about to eat something different from the Warplumes; when she asked for mercy, he just struck her again.

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