Tomb raider and butt kicker

Vanieve is given a mission.

Vanieve is an enigmatic, high-ranking gropaga who is known for being a ladies man

Vanieve was called upon by Inglip when a gropaga named Rienmie offended the Dark One with a joke. Inglip sent Vanieve on a trek to the nearby river, where he would find the one to punish Rienmie. Vanieve was the perfect one for this mission because when he reached his destination he saw Lara Croft emerging from the river. Vanieve was able to charm Croft into punishing Rienmie, who after his punisment, was never seen or heard from again.

Rumor among some gropagas has it that Vanieve "returned the favor" to Croft afterwards. Vanieve's reply to this was simply "I wish not to dignify rumors with confirmation, and that is my last word on the subject."

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