Tillyner is a land in the westof Trathira, located in a larger island of Trathira's western coast. Tillyner is described as "the land of the clouds" by an unnamed gropaga sent there to claim it in the name of Inglip. From Tillyner, it is possible to overlook the whole of Trathira and Diagral.


Before being annexed by Trathira, Tillyner was merely an uninhabited mountanous, volcanic island. Signs of habitation in past centuries have not yet been found.


Tillyner is known to be the habitat of The Wingana, a horse-like creature of unimaginable power and strength.

Cultural SignificanceEdit

A gropaga was sent to Tillyner to claim the land for Trathira and kill the lone Wingana that calls the mountains its home. It is implied that he succeeded.