Who are theyEdit

The Three Kings came from the Consword Kingdom, localizated in Kesava, a hidden country in Earth. Their names are Imajeck, Almise and Sitien. Their main propose is to destroy Inglip to help humans and kill his followers, all this because their father was passing by Toronto and was killed by one of his followers.


Imajeck is 1645 years old, and his main job is to give food to the citzens from his country. He was born on August 9. He is too old to take hard job, so he just give food when the citzens need and spend the rest of the day praticing spells and talking with humans by Captcha. Usually, when a conversation starts with him is in Chinese.


Almise is 692 years old and his main job is train the Knights. He was born on September 18. He does not like to talk with other humans using Captcha, so spends all day training the knights.


Sitien is the newest brother, being 193 years old. He was born on March 29, and his main job is to talk with humans via Captcha. However, his first words are usually upsidedown or in French. He had the idea to send Astro, the best knight of the kingdom to fight Inglip. Sometimes he goes to Mexico buy burritos or to Brazil buy tapioca.


Astro is 23 years old, born on July 28 . He came to search for Inglip on March 16th. He is brave, but is ready to die.

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