The Plasper Calendar is the standard Gregorian calendar, writen in the Plapser tounge. It was made by the gropaga Erivandi.

The Plasper CalendarEdit

Ilyara - January ( most holidays occur on January: The Onworth (7th) Plunday (8th), Tutlent day (11th), Ingday (12th), Turcan (13th, extended indefinitely in the year 2011)

Plemat - February

Nerael - March

Emicing - April

Wersai - May ( Mrachast )

Sagesc - June

Higbouri - July

Yarynab - August

Nglen - September

Witentca - October

Ectsku - November (a mysterious miracle occurred upon the 30th of this month in the year 2011)

Ressitin - December

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