The comic which explains The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage is a journey to meet the Dark Lord Inglip when he makes his presence known, coming to our dull world to bring about the Dinoday, oversee the construction of Trathira and perform many other prophecised miricles.

Lord Inglip revealed to the Appope Itioneri that his coming would take place at dingsJun o'clock in the Vercors region of France, a place of mountains and caves which is suitably dramatic for Inglip to arrive at and to be honoured by any Gropagas loyal enough to make the journey. The event is clearly one of the most important in Dectrip history and Lord Inglip has paid close attention to detail in its arrangement, even making sure that the slogan for the event, "The pilgrimage begins!", is written in itallics.

The Dark Lord's exact words when specifying the event's location were "dinglip VERCORS". The reason for the extra "d" is unclear, though it is possible that he intends for the pilgrims to stay at La Taiga Hotel, which is marked with a "D" when one searches for "VERCORS" with Google maps.

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