The Kingdom of Wroverin was a wealthy and strong kingdom, distant from Trathira. Having heard tales of the marauding and conquering forces of Trathira, the kingdom felt threathened, and with good reason, as Inglip has declared ( after a proposition of Hallnote, a gropaga ) to create a gallery to conserve the achievements of the Grisidly Army through art and writing upon the fortress of Wroverin, the capital of the kingdom. The fortress was under siege for a time, but with superior numbers and technology ( namely the Inglipticon ), the fortress and the entire city were burned to the ground by the bloodthirsty Grisidly army, the Esidia Gallery was built upon the ruins of the city and most of it's inhabitants were slaughtered, while the survivors assimilated in to Trathirian society or became slaves. Very few escaped the wrath of Inglip, and so the wealth of Wroverin was sacked and it's fertile planes became another part of Trathira. Trathira had thus expanded a great deal in the east.

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