The Kedres are an ancient warrior civilization from across the sea to the West, known for their legendary skill in battle, and just a 1000 of them is deemed massive, simply due to the experience of the Kedresian Warriors.

Invasion of TrathiraEdit

The Kedresians were so bold infact, that they decided to attack the Western Shores of Trathira, with an army of 1007 strong. The attack was so sudden and unexpected that the gropagas they fought had no idea what attacked them, and those that survived to report it to Tiongraf only named it " a large army ". When a gropaga asked Inglip as to the identity of this fearsome army, Inglip revealed it as " 1007 kedres ". The desperate gropaga asked what force could be so strong to stop their advance, Inglip presented the Ficus Birds, a plant-bird hybrid. Gropagas rejoiced at their new saviours.

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