The Duarkborn is a Gropaga who is said to have the power to easily slay the legendary Duarks and absorb their souls to increase his own strength.

Known as Underyx, he didn't know about his destiny until Leissa Schriever, as ordered by Lord Inglip, gifted him a copy of the Sacred Gropagan game Skyrim.

He now started to train himself to become stronger and improve his Duark-slaying abilities.

Song of the Duarkborn:

Duarkborn! Duarkborn!

By Lord Inglip is sworn

To keep unbelievers at bay!

And the Gropagas rout

When they hear triumph's shout

Duarkborn for your blessing we pray!

And the captchas have told

Of bright wings in the cold

That when brothers unsubscribe come unfurled...

Chydrego! Ancient foe!

Blasphemy unbound

With a desire for Lord Inglip's world!

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