Sttera and his comic about Sttera and his comic about Sttera and his...

Sttera is a Gropaga who asked Lord Inglip an opinion about a Reddit Inglip comic he created (which is actually the very comic he appears in, creating a recursion effect).

Inglip responded with a series of arrows pointing down, which represent the Reddit downvote arrows, meaning that Inglip didn't like it. This caused great confusion among Gropagas, who were undecided between upvoting or downvoting the comic.

Solving the ParadoxEdit

It didn't take much time for the long-time rivals Erivandi and Leissa Schriever to engage in another of their quarrels.

The first claimed that it was all part of his plan to trick Gropagas into disobeying their Lord, and even proceeded to tempt the Gropaga SoldesaBelle into becoming a traitor like him, while the second tried to interpret Inglip's message in another way (the 5 arrows meaning that the comic deserved at least only 5 downvotes, implying that the other downvotes didn't count and that Gropagas could keep upvoting without disobeying Inglip).

The wise Suromer, Xelajohn, interrupted them, harshly scolding Leissa for misinterpreting Inglip's word and telling Erivandi to stop his treacherous ways.

He proceeded to tell him a story about a kid named Virandie (actually an anagram of "Erivandi"), who never just worshipped one god. One day he decided that all of the Captcha Entites were idiots, not using their power correctly. To gain great power he made a pact with Shaskel. And so he went around, using his power day after day, until he started feeling weak. He went to Shaskel to ask why this was. The Evil one replied that he had actually given Virandie no power at all, just enhanced the amount he could tap into at a time. So all that time he had been using away his life, for silly power. He asked to no longer own have that power, Shaskel allowed him to live normally in his weakened state. That boy died two days later.

In the end. Erivandi manages to get his first victory against Gropagas. Inglip then decided to punish all the upvoters through whipping.

Leissa deserved a special punishment, which consisted in 200 whip lashes. While screaming in pain, a burning desire for revenge grew in her.

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