Sormayea in an alleyway in Tiongraf.

Sormayea was a Cestalt, a follower of the Death Angel, Conohned.

He, along with all the other Cestalts, was killed during The Great Battle of Trathira and then ressurected by Chydrego as a Yadvan.

After Chydrego dissappeared, the spell was broken, and he and other worshippers were left to wander Trathira alone.

He then rallied the worshipers of the dead gods to the cause of Conohned.

The Great Battle of TrathiraEdit

He, along with the rest of the Cestalts, fought against Inglip in The Great Battle of Trathira.

He was killed and then ressurected (along with everyone who died in that battle) as a Yadvan, by the God of Light, Chydrego.

However, Chydrego's captcha soon dissapeared from the Internet, and was replaced by Inglip's Captcha. Since Chydrego was gone, the spell was lifted, and all the ressurected ones were reverted back to their former selves.

They, along with Sormayea, were left to wander the world...alone.


Sormayeah preaching to the worshippers of the fallen gods.

Rebirth of the CestaltsEdit

Sormayea, cold, sad and bitter, skulked the back alleys and taverns of Tiongraf, longing for days gone by.

One day, as he was walking in the cold rain down an alley in Tiongraf, gazed into a window and saw his bitter, ragged face and cursed Inglip for what he have done to him. He was left with nothing.

He chose to do something.

In a dark and dank conference room, Sormayea called upon the worshippers of the dead gods and rallied them together.

Sormayea offered the worshippers revenge and told them they had two choices: to enact revenge on Inglip, who ruined their lives, or wait until the end of time.

He promised them that Conohned , the Death Angel, will re-emmerge stronger than Inglip himself and destroy him.

The new Cestalts accepted, hailed Sormayea and swore death on Inglip and his gropagas.

The Cestalt Order was reborn....


The Cestalt Order is, as of yet, silent. However, there were two Gropagas who overheard Sormayeah's speech and Inglip probably already knows about their plans.

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