The News from the front

Satyrs are a race of beings that dwell in the Woodland Country, west of Trathira. They appear as hairy men with the legs and horns of a goat. They spend most of their days frolicking about in the woods, chasing nymphs, playing flute music and worshiping the godesses of nature.

They are one of Lord Inglip's many enemies and a gruelling war against them is currently being fought, with the tide strongly on the Gropaga's side. After suffering many casualties, the Satyrs employed the help of a large and fearsome creature called, the Werveles. As the beast proved to be quite an annoyance due to its massive size and sheer mass of fur, Colonel Specon asked of Inglip to create a creature worthy of destroying the threat. Thus, Inglip used The Cursed Forge, a machine capable of creating new life from the souls of the slain. The result was The Mantank: a gruesome, massive half man- half tank, fitted with a chest cannon, a flamethrower and a knife. It made quick work of the Wereveles, burning it to ash. It is unknown what the Satyrs will do next after the death of their champion.


  • Upon closer inspection of the scroll Colonel Specon is holding, you will notice that what is written is actually the lyrics of "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith.

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