A man in Ounteme claims that Rienmie stayed at his house overnight, based on the man's description, a forensic artist drew this.

Rienmie Is a gropaga who has a reputation for being a jokester. More often than not, this jocular habit offends and/or annoys his fellow gropagas.

After a joke geared toward another gropaga resulted in a right hook to the face, Rienmie took his sense of humor elsewhere. After he found that his humor was appreciated in a bar in Cogati he felt that nobody in his church would take offense because none of them even dared to go to Cogati. This is where he was wrong, for Inglip's all-hearing ears heard Rienmie crack an offensive joke about him.

Inglip then sent Vanieve to to get Lara Croft to punish Rienmie. Two gunshots were heard inside the dungeon and Croft emerged, guns smoking. However when they looked back into the dungeon Rienmie had disappeared without a trace. Rienmie is now wanted dead or alive by the Porkingi dectrip church.

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