Levels of powerEdit


A normal gropaga automatically gains follower status.


A participator in Inglip's war is elevated to acolyte status. An acolyte can be happy knowing they have contributed.


An acolyte that performs many heroic deeds will gain influence enough to change the very interaction between gods. They can change the future of trathira and usually get their own inglipnomicon page. All taken into account, however, they often have no official powers to moderate. They can in some cases, however, be more influential than a moderator.


See below.



Moderators of Lord Inglip's subreddit have incredibly vast powers over the main group of gropagas. They are the most powerful gropagas in existence, and being one is an incredible honour. To become one requires convincing a moderator that you are worthy, a difficult feat.


Admins of the inglipnomicon gain the ability to change in any way they wish the history, lore and general knowledge of trathira. They also gain the ability and responsibility to prevent self-destructive acts of the dectrip culture (more common than you might expect). Despite this, being an admin gives very little direct influence outside of the inglipnomicon.


Any gropaga can choose a speciality. Specialising ensures a gropaga can work to the best of his/her ability. Specialisations are not permanent and only serve to help a gropaga in their duties.


The scribe is important for recording the history, rules, lore, and other canon of Trathira. If they didn't exist, all governing of the inglipnomicon would stop and the upper echelons of power would grow thin. They hold large sway over the wider actions of the community, and constantly search for photoshopped captchas to report and bring to public attention. In reddit, for example, the main gathering of Gropagas and their enemys, sinners can also be punished through the use of downvotes.


The prophet's job is to directly influence the peoples actions by creating "communiques" with Inglip and showing them to fellow gropagas. Put simply, a prophet is an extremely engaged gropaga purposefully who keeps the public in check. Prophets are responsible for keeping gropagas loyal and adding new gropagas to lord Inglips following. There are many ways to accomplish this, if in doubt, ask Inglip about how to do so.


The interpreters job is simple yet important. It is the creation of (mostly image) explanations and representations of the sayings of Inglip and the prophets. Without them the scribes attempts to record would be hampered by the prophets vague, disorganized, unillustrated ramblings.

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