Prophet Ciathie played a major role in the existance of Isles of Edegon. However not many know of his doings, Prophet Ciathie followed the word of Lord Inglip and had risen Edegon out from the ashes

Early lifeEdit

Ciathie grew up in a heavily religious family of the Dectrip Faith. He was a devout Gropaga and followed the words of Lord Inglip. By the age of nine he saw a vision of a magnificent island rising atop the seas. Knowing this was Lord Inglip's doing Ciathie eagerly awaited the day the event will come not yet knowing that he himself will carry out the plan.

Rise of EdegonEdit

The day had come and Ciathie hadn't considered it. The day had been named Yoskday, or the day Edegon rose from it's ashes. A dark power had stirred inside of Ciathie. The power of Inglip, it took control of Ciathie and with it a large area of land rose from the waters, and Ciathie named it Edegon.


Shortly after Ciathie's encountering with the dark power he died. Now Ciathie and Inglip look upon the world together. 112 B.I.(Before Inglip) - 173 B.I.

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