Prodlly was a follower (possibly the only one) of the Trickster God Oxallo. He was armed with the not-exactly-deadly bumerule (a slide rule that can be thrown as a boomerang). His attempts to forge an alliance between the forces of Chydrego, Leanex, Lord Conohned and Oxallo were rather short-lived, as he was snitched by Erivandi who sicced a pack of wolves on him. He barely survived the incident, as always. After that he witnessed the death of Oxallo, was air-raided by a lunatic parrot, hunted down and incarcerated by Inglips forces, and eventually freed by Spanporch to join Shaskel. He served Shaskel for a while, just to defect to Lord Conohned - strictly for the lulz. It's hard to keep up. Typical Prodlly style of evading a fight. Allegedly, Prodlly was killed (or at least permanently stoned) by Inglip with the eruption of Mt. Etna. Since the posting was a) done by Prodlly and b) non-canon anyway, be on the alert, young Gropaga. It might as well have been a typical Prodlly joke. 


After a short ghost cameo at DL'GOKNs reddit, where he meta-violated all rules like any good troll would do, Prodlly was revived by Lord Conohned, but still kept frozen stony - evidently a little joke by Lord Conohned to paybacktroll all of Prodllys jokes.

On 2nd Plunday, Prodlly celebrated his birthday by getting ultimatively revived by "Cary Grant". He suspected this mysterious figure must have been the troll God Oxallo. This was vindicated by Erivandi and later by Oxallo himself, who somehow must have survived his death in the Great Battle of Trathira (it's hard to keep down a troll).

Prodlly declared he will take a gruesome revenge on all other gods.


These days, Prodlly is an important Trathiran and one of the saviours who worked tirelessly to revitalise the r/inglip subreddit and related subreddits. (Technical Note: Prodlly!=Prodlly, but he tends to blur the line between the author and his avatar to increase confusion, as any troll would do.)


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