Plovill was one of the most faithful of Inglips gropagas and the victim of Lord Inglip's most epic trolling to date. For other gropagas, Plovill is a example of the unwavering loyalty of gropagas and of Lord Inglip's magnificent trolling skills.

Plovill's QuestEdit

Plovill was called upon by Inglip on a most amazing quest: to collect all of the yeast in the world. Initially confused and flabergasted by the demand, Plovill nonetheless agreed. The quest had him go to various scientific research facilities, caused him to steal all of the yeast from the Federal yeast reserve ( and then burning it down ) and many battles againts warrior chefs for their many yeast hoards. Still this wasn't enough. The quest took Plovill throughout the entire world and it lasted 10 years. When Plovill returned to Tiongraf he asked Inglip what should he do with it. Inglip told him " Don't bymor ". Plovill was speechless for a few minutes, before he began to sob and say " Epic trolling, Lord. " . Plovill spent the next few months crying in his room.

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