Pies brought before Lord Inglip

Pie is one of the foods which Lord Inglip values most highly and has been offered to him upon at least two noteable occasions.

Upon the first, one of Lord Inglip's mightiest warriors journeyed far and wide to find his master with the intenton of sacrificing himself or slaying millions in his dark master's name, but instead was rewarded with the honour of bringing The Darkest of Lords his pie.

Upon the second, the Gropaga Ystyll presented a pie to Lord Inglip, but The Dark One would not devour it until its crust had been emblazoned with the reddit alien, the insignia of Lord Inglip's holy land upon the digital plane. Upon this occasion the pie's significance was again emphasised, since Lord Inglip thanked his follower for the offering, showing a rare level of gratitude.

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