Oxallo is a kind of Loki of the Inglipverse. He loves pranks and communicates in math language. His holy symbol is the Quantum Bit and his color scheme is green. He has not many followers, and they don't tend to live long since they are armed only with slide rules. Befitting Oxallos trickster nature, he never became canon, and his only accepted existance is he exists inside a joke not told by Gropaga "Motormouth" Gratlyin about a Yadva who asked Oxallo for directions. Still, Oxallo has his own subreddit /r/oxallo, and as you can guess, it is acting *very* strangely (spillover from other subreddits? More upvotes than members?).madg kios Oxallo even trolls his followers by inserting vaguely nonsense like "madg kios" (Mad God Chaos??) into the Inglipnomicon, as he recently got slaphappy by becoming canon via Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy. Like any trickster/troll epic win, this is bound to backfire since whole armies of Gropagas lost faith due to the event, and this might become the end of Oxallo as well.


Oxallo died by the hands of Inglip in the Great Battle of Trathira. His most loyal follower, Prodlly, ran away during the battle, and the other Oxalates killed themselves with their rules.


Possibly Oxallo has survived the alleged killing, as a mystery figure in the guise of "Cary Grant" came to revive Prodlly (who had been previously turned to stone by Inglip). Speculations that this surely must have been Oxallo later were backed by Erivandi and Oxallo(?) himself. But never trust a troll god.

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