The Monzols are historical enemies of Inglip, notable for being the first civilization to be conquered by Trathira. They hail from the former kingdom of Monzolia.


In antiquity, the Monzols were among the most influential and dominant tribes on the continent. The former kingdom of Monzolia occupied much of what is now called the Land of the Monzols, a semi-autonomous province located in Southeastern Trathira.

The kingdom held on to power for centuries due to its elite mounted units. However, the fledgling Grisidly Army managed to win the arms race and defeat the more numerous Monzols, forever changing the face of the continent and history as we know it.


The Monzols' defeat is commonly attributed to the more advanced forces of the Grisidly Army, but disputed (though increasingly accepted) historical accounts suggest that the leaking of Monzol battle plans by the captured Monzol general Duatre was key to the decisive Trathirian victory.

The mounted units of the Monzol Army were quite easily dispatched due to Gropagan innovations that completely redesigned the form and function of the sclivel. The sclivel's sleeker, more durable design allowed for Sellick units to fend off charging horsemen from a distance by forming a phalanx.

Two battles were decisive in defeating the Monzols. The first was the First Siege of Magshea, where the Gropagas snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by using a new weapon to overcome the Monzols, the Tanklown. The Monzols costly defeat was a crushing blow to their morale and sent them retreating further East to Ebrouta.This battle also changed the design of the Sclivel.


The second decisive defeat was at the Battle of Ebrouta. When the Gropagas were tasked with taking the ancient fort of Ebrouta in the East, they were ambushed by a large force of Monzols soldiers, the same force that retreated from Magshea. Most of the Freetown Zombies were slain and the advance of the Grisidly army was halted, until the elite Sellick cavalry arrived and laid waist to Monzol forces by using flanking tactics, cutting of their food supply but leaving a small escape route for the Monzols, in order to give them hope of escape and prevent them from fighting to the end, something that would of inevitably happened if the Monzols had no way to retreat. Still, the Monzols fought hard, but eventually retreated, giving even more Eastern Ground. Witihin months, the Grisidly army was inside their lands.

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In Gropagan cultureEdit

Because of the high concentration of Monzols and citizens from other enslaved and assimilated civilizations, the southeastern end of Tiongraf is known as "The Monzol District."