Maysic was one of the bravest, most unfotunate and gullible gropagas to grace the land of Trathira. A humble gropaga, Maysic was to be transformed into a tragic hero and an example for thousands of gropagas to come.

Maysic's QuestEdit

Maysic was called upon Inglip on a most dangerous quest. Maysic was tasked with capturing a massive and dangerous beast of smoke and fear, the Belkers, as Lord Inglip desired to own one. Maysic was given the location of the Belkers, in the distant and dangerous Glasted Labyrinth. Maysic brandished his sword and traveled day and night, through horrible weather and relentless and cruel enemies, and over the tallest peaks and the lowest valleys until he reached the Labyrinth. After navigating through the treacherous labyrinth he reached the lair of the Belkers and for the first time in Maysics life, his faith wavered for a brief moment. He asked of Inglip for a weapon that could actually harm a beast made of smoke, grit and ash. Inglip bestowed upon Maysic a most unusual weapon, the Fannowe Tickler, which, putting it simplle, was a ribbed vibrator. Maysic was enraged by this weapon, thinking that Inglip was not taking him seriously. Inglip managed to convince Maysic by telling him to get serious. Maysic caved in and charged forth with the ( vibrating ) Fannowe Tickler while yelling the famed gropaga battlecry " For IINNGGLLIIIIIIIPP!!! "

Maysic was ripped to peices and devoured by the Belkers.

External LinkEdit ( slightly NSFW )

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