Maurice was a former expert smmugler and now an executive gropag of African decsent. He was known for being able to smmugle everything anywhere from any source with ease, and as a reuslt became very wealthy. His main " export " was the potent alchoholic beverage, Four Loko, which he smmugled to Trathira for a hefty price, due to the beverage being banned in Trathira as it is brewed in the Shaskelian Principality, the land of Inglip's enemy, Shaskel. He was aprehended by gropagas after being accidently ratted out by a drunken Inglip ( who had consumed the famed alchoholic drink ). When a gropaga asked Inglip what should they do with him, Inglip ordered that he be turned in to a gropaga and promoted to executive, no doubt due to his knowledge and expertise in smmugling ( and perhaps because Inglip wanted more Four Loko ). To celebrate his promotion, Maurice took his girlfriend out on a romantic dinner.

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