Lord Wilvagu was a trusted nobleman, gropaga general and traitor that used his high ranking to occupy the North Western port of Tonsury.

Takeover and siege of TonsuryEdit

Tonsury was of great importance to Trathira, and Wilvagu seized the opportunity to take control, and establish his own land. He took over Tonsury by attacking the Grisidly Army encampment with a mercenary army of Poraids. By taking this strategic position, Wilvagu had complete control of the North Western part of Trathira and controled vital trading routes. In order to take back his prized city, Inglip ordered the famed and agressive General Hutpurer to siege it and massacre the Poraid Army. When Hutpurer asked Inglip in what way Wilvagu should be executed, Inglip presented the Bronsuce, a stainless steel mandolin slicer, a brutal execution method. Tonsury was soon retaken, the entire Poraid army massacred and Wilvagu was slowly sliced in to pieces.

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