Lord Dentases is a trusted ally of Inglip and the current commander of the Grisidly Army. He was chosen to lead the charge on Castle Magshea.


Lord Dentases currently leads Inglip's army in the campaign to reclaim Inglip's old realm, Diagral.

It was a surpise to many Gropagas when Inglip chose Lord Dentases to take charge, as it was thought to be lead by Inglar, Inglip's brother.

Lost CommunicationEdit

It has been a day since Lord Dentases contacted Inglip and the Gropagas at Trathira with news of his Diagralic Campaign. It is expected that there is a bitter battle occuring, but since there has been no reply from Lord Dentases, neither the campaign's success nor the current ownership of Castle Magshea are certain.


The appointment of Lord Dentases


"You don't question his Dark Majesty." -speaking of Inglip