The Locisi Captcha, one of Inglip's most evocative works.

Locisi is a possible future and one of the Dectrip faith's greatest goals, a time when all people will stand united in the service of the Dark Lord Inglip. It stands as a shining beacon of hope to Gropagas who are disillusioned or weary of war and bloodshed, such as the Gropaga Accorr, who Inglip first revealed the prophecy to.

Inglip has revealed that he hopes to bring about Locisi by arranging a celebration whereby Gropagas and their enemies shall consume vast quantities of "ingsHigh alcohol" and play the game Tcheran. He has vowed that if this should fail to show his foes the folly of their ways and the wonder of the Dectrip faith, he will destroy all life with his terrible wrath.

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