The Trathiran city of Lintsen is a major naval and trading outpost that is strategically located on the eastern coast of the continent. Because of its location, it has been coveted by enemies of Inglip for centuries.

Lintsen is famous for being the site of a bloody war between the Grisidly Army led by Narfor and the invading forces of Dureo.

Siege of LintsenEdit

On March 2nd 2011 Lintsen was sieged and taken by a invading Eastern army led by a brilliant warrior and commander, Dureo. The gropagas stationed at Lintsen were inexperienced, bored and lacked a charismatic leader to raise their morale,and ,as such, Lintsen was easily taken and the gropagas fled the city even before Dureo's army breached the walls. This was the first major taking of Lintsen, as previous takeovers by foreign invaders were short lived and Lintsen was easily retaken by the Grisidly army. To combat this threath, Inglip ressurected a legendary Gropaga crusader Narfor from the dead in order to lead the gropagas in war. It is unknown how this faired out.

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