Leissa schriever by halcyon enigma-d3fpn6i

Leissa Schriever, ready for battle.

Leissa Schriever is a female gropagan acolyte, famous for her duel with the traitor Erivandi, who sided with Leanex. Even though she used the Iciane Magic to battle him, she was but a novice to the art and Erivandi managed to escape.

Some time after Inglip was told of her failure by a gropaga, Enalion, who inquired as to her fate and Inglip's plan for her. Inglip revealed that the battle with Erivandi was a test to see how she mastered the Iciane Magic. Seeing that she did not fair so well, Inglip wanted to test her abilities by tasking her with defending the Blowite University (the official university for gropagas) from an attack by Leanex's forces.

Leissa woved to not fail this time, and imbued her Seven Falchions with the power of the Iciane Magic and prepared for battle. It is likely that she succeded in her task.

She also tried to spread the Word of Inglip through Omegle, but she only found a blasphemer who said that he hates Inglip.

Finding the DuarkbornEdit

One day, Leissa was rejoicing at how the Dectrip Faith was returning to its former glory, after a small period of depression. She then asked Lord Inglip how could she celebrate this turn of events. The Lord first scolded her for being a slacker lately, then ordered her to make a huge offer. So, she decided to gift one Gropaga with a copy of Skyrim, the Sacred Gropagan game.

He also earned the title of "Duarkborn", the legendary warrior feared by the Duarks.

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