Inglip's Secret Wizard Army, also referred to as The Mages of Calorrad, is a branch of the Grisidly Army consisting of Gropagan mages and wizards.


The Mages of Calorrad were established as a legitimate order centuries ago, after they appealed to Inglip for a secluded place to practice their craft and hone their skills. The spellcasters continued living in seclusion in the Calorrad Library located in the small town of Calorrad as they did for centuries until their aid was required in the Cleverbot-Aslan Wars.

Service in the Cleverbot-Aslan WarsEdit

After sustaining devastating losses in the war against the Cleverbot and Aslan alliance, the Grisidly Army needed to bolster its ranks so that it would be able to continue fighting. After a pilgrimage to Inglip's shrine, an unnamed gropagan warrior was told about the Calorrad Library and the secret army of mages living inside its walls. After travelling to Calorrad, the Grisidly Army received its wizard reinforcements, which proved pivotal in the war.

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