The fateful captcha that summoned the, as of yet, unknown god known as Inglex.

On the 17th of April 2011, another captcha entity had been summoned who presented himself as Inglex. Inglip has revealed that he is Isaiah Mustafa, the man from the world famous Old Spice advertisement. While his standing with Inglip is unknown, he helps our dark lord smell sweeter than ever, but he also seems to think of himself as a better ruler than Inglip.

Previous theories as to his identityEdit

- Inglip's ex girlfriend

- His brother

- Arch-nemesis

- " some kind of Space - Inglip " or " the heightened form of a gropaga. One fully touched by the Dark Lord's influence that he becomes an extension of Inglip " otherwise known as a " inglex finger "

- A traitor and rebel

- related to Leanex, or Inglip's and Leanex's son

- Lord Inglip in an alternate reality

- A holy prophet

- Protector of a sacred relic

- The physical manifestation of the late Chydrego's hatred for Inglip, created to destroy Trathira using the exact same tactics as our dark lord as an ironic and bitter twist.

External linkEdit

Inglex appears

Inglex's Subreddit

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