Icsten is sent on his painful pilgrimage.

Icsten is a Gropaga known for embarking on an almost suicidal pilgrimage of pain in the name of Inglip. His trek took him through the inhospitable Deadland, where upon arriving he etched a weedaula into his right arm with a scalpel just as the dark lord instructed for him to do to prove his faith.

The reluctant Icsten soon after the etching encountered a large fire breathing dragon. He fled as fast as he could from the beast's fiery breath with tears pouring out of his eyes while raising his still bleeding weedaula etched arm into the air signifying the completion of his dangerous task. Whether the unfortunate gropaga escaped from or has perished in the Deadlands remains to be seen.

See AlsoEdit

  • Deadland - A dangerous place full of peril and death.
  • Duark - A native inhabitant of the Deadlands.

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