The ancient magic of Iciane is one of the darkest and most obscure magic arts in the world, which specializes in raising fallen demons from the dead. For many centuries it was banned in most kingdoms for being too dangerous, and the wizards, mages and sorcerers who practiced it were hunted and killed. It was again put in to use by The Dark Lord Inglip for the use of his Gropaga Mages, to raise the dead in aiding the many wars of the Dectrip Faith.

Two gropagas are currently known to be able to use this magic:

General Hirne: He used it to resurrect the great demon warhorse, The Ticitant.

Leissa Schriever, an acolyte who tried to use it in battle against the traitor Erivandi, follower of Leanex, but failed. She then trained herself to fully master the great power of this ancient magic.

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