Google, sometimes known as "Gugal", is a mysterious entity. Sometimes it is described as a prophet, sometimes it is called an ancient archive and sometimes it is cryptically named as a "search engine". What is known is that it is often consulted by Gropagas in an effort to understand hidden meanings in Lord Inglip's words. It is said that upon uttering a phrase in the Plasper tongue or any other language to Google it brings forth a myriad of visions, thus subtly hinting at possible translations. It is also said that Google is ever watchful and all-seeing, able to view the entire world at once, though such claims seem almost blasphemous. Indeed, Google is known to be consulted not only by those of the Dectrip Faith, but also by the enemies of Lord Inglip, raising questions as to how trustworthy it is and where, if anywhere, its allegiances lie.


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