Goddam McLenne

General McLenne is an ancient rival of Inglip, dating back to the age of Inglip's reign as King of Diagral. He is the leader of the besieged Diagralian Seperatist Army at Castle Magshea.

Rivalry with InglipEdit

During the later years of Inglip's tenure as the ruler of Diagral over a millennium ago, his hold on the kingdom began to fade (for reasons unknown.)

Ethnic Diagralian warlords, including McLenne, seized the opportunity to carve out their own small kingdoms from the border provinces, and eventually converged on the central castle, Magshea, itself. Discontent with Inglip's rule then spread throughout the kingdom, leading him to go into a self-imposed exile in Trathira, where he would re-establish his armies and reclaim Magshea and eventually the whole of Diagral again.


This General McLenne is the very same one who deposed Inglip as ruler over a milennium ago. The Diagralian lifespan is considerably longer than that of a normal human.