General Hirne ( called generale by Lord Inglip ) was a " military man " in the Grisidly Army that was tasked by Inglip to aquire a magnificent demon steed, named the Ticitant, for the Grisidly army. General Hirne responded by saying that the Ticitant was slain in battle a millenia ago and that he is only a simple general and, as such, does not posses the powers of the Dectrip Mages, the powers of the ancient and mysterious Iciane magic needed to bring the dead. Inglip responded by focusing the anient magic in to Hirne, and bestowed him with this magnificent power, turning his hair and beard blonde in the proccess. Hirne then traveled to the ancient battleground where the Ticitant was slain and raised the demonic zombie steed from the dead. Hirne rode the undead steed himself, and famously testified of Lord Inglip's infinite power by saying " Even the Dead shall call you Lord ".

At the moment, he is on a campaign to retake Lionhe, using the Ticitant as his steed.

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