Four Loko ( Plasp.- Foroklo ) is a very strong and potent alchoholic beverage, brewed in the Shaskel Province. It is, as such, illegal in Trathira, due to the effect it has on gropagas, and because it is made in the province of Inglip's enemy, Shaskel. However, smugglers always find a way to smuggle it to Trathira for large gain. The effects of such a strong beverage are garbled and strange words and an increased sex drive. The most unusual effect is that the consumer may begin to speak Spanish. Lord Inglip had once come in to the possession of Four Loko from an African gropaga (or smuggler), Maurice. Inglip, in his drunken state, ordered a porn site to be created with the Pollatils queen Farlig the main star. The mere fact that a dark lord like Inglip was entoxicated by this drink is a testament to Four Loko's potency and Shaskel's power.

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