Evairet was once a Gropaga who was called by Lord Inglip to battle a fire-breathing monster by the name of Getheyb. However, Evairet was not eager to begin such a dangerous quest and asked Lord Inglip Why he should. The darkest of lords then replied, telling him that he would gain experience points for the fight. Thusly motivated, Evairet sharpened his falchions and charged into battle, but was instantly struck by a mighty gout of flame.

Awakening in the afterlife, Evairet heard his master's voice once again, telling him that he had been cooked. Evairet asked Lord Inglip if he would gain any experience points for dying in the service of his lord, but was told that he would not.

The moral of this story is clear- Lord Inglip values victory over martyrdom.

The Story of Evairet

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