The Esidia Gallery is an immense monument and museum dedicated to preserving the words of Inglip and the

The establishment of the Gallery

achievements of Gropagan heroes and geniuses throughout history. It is located in the distant realm of Wrorverin.


The Gallery was founded centuries ago after the gropaga Hallnote proposed that the achievements of the Grisidly Army should be preserved and put on display for all to see. Inglip accepted the proposal and decreed that the gallery be built upon the ashes of Wrorverin Fortress.

After Hallnote was transformed into an Inglipticon, a long and bloody battle culminating in the fall of the fortress and the enslavement of the Wrorverian race was fought. The slaves were then ordered to build the gallery using the brick and mortar of the fortress as a foundation.

Notable exhibitsEdit

The Esidia Gallery has held a number of notable exhibits over the centuries, including:

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