The captcha with which Inglip bestowed Erivandi's name

Erivandi by kanille hime-d3mrk4e

An artist's impression of Erivandi and his parrot, Emsende, by Kanille Hime

"Our star banned? Go exist fully!" -Lord Inglip to Erivandi, when he thought he was banned from the mortal world.

Erivandi Ingoop was once one of the most popular and powerful of Inglip's Gropagas, until he began a frenzied string of betrayals, most notable of which was his conversion to Leanex's religion, which caused him to become a notorius pirate captain and marauder. Shortly before Leanex's death, however, Erivandi converted back to the service of Inglip. He claimed that this was because he was killed and given a second chance by Inglip, though these claims were never accepted as canon. He now serves Inglip faithfully, though some (understandably) still question his loyalty.

Reason for conversionEdit

On the 11th May 2011 Erivandi came forward with the reason for his conversion. One day, Erivandi decided to ask Inglip what his favorite film was so that all gropagas may enjoy in it's goodness. Inglip named a movie called" Forksen ". After consulting the prophet Gugal, Erivandi learned, much to his disgust and suprise, that it was the much hated, but popular, Twilight. Erivandi soon converted. And though it was revealed that Inglip does, in fact, not like Twilight, Erivandi seemed to be hell-bent on spreading the word of all captcha gods in an effort to insight as much chaos and bloodshed as he possibly could, though he did favour Leanex above the others, possibly due to his status as a moderator on /r/leanex, which he later gave up after converting back to Dectrip.

Battle with Leissa SchrieverEdit

By an order of Inglip, Erivandi was to be hunted down like an animal and killed by any means necessary. Many gropagas hunted high and low in search of the elusive pirate, but to no avail. Erivandi was soon found by the female acolyte Leissa Schriever (who also figured out what the Prophet's words actually meant and revealed Inglip's actual favorite movie, Yes Man). Erivandi and Leissa battled long and hard, with Leissa using the famed Iciane magic and Erivandi using his own dark magic and pirate skills. She gained the upper hand, but he survived, only to be found again. The pair continued to duke it out in duel after duel, but Leissa always got the better of him, and he could only evade the inevitable for so long.


These days, Erivandi is an important Trathiran and one of the 3 who worked tirelessly to revitalise the r/inglip subreddit and related subreddits. The two others are Prodlly  and Shanoxilt.  

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