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Land of Edegon mapped out by Prophet Ciathie.

Edegon is a manmade group of ancient Gropagian islands created by Prophet Ciathie as a shrine for Lord Inglip. Edegon was located in the far south-west of Trathira but now no longer exists in our current dimention due to a catastrophe which occurred over 300 years ago.


Edegon had once just been an enchanted world that had been destroyed before the Dectrip Faith rose. Prophet Ciathie had a vision of the fully reconstructed land risen above the sea at a young age. Over time Prophet Ciathie learned he had a mighty and dark power, with it he rose Edegon from the ashes. Edegon had started out as a holy land to honor the mighty Lord Inglip. Islands were plentiful with churches and the Dectrip faith. However, the land no longer exists in our dimention due to the inhabitance of the dreaded Ningrim. The Ningrim wiped out the land and other districts, including some parts of Trathira (Taillech, and Israt), out to another realm.

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