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Goddess story

Screw the Queen!

Not much is known about these girls although it is speculated by many gropagas that these the Edaystou Goddesses are a group of maidens whom have stolen the heart of Inglip.

Basically Lord Inglip is a pimp....

Marital ProblemsEdit

Many gropagas admit to Lord Inglip being a ladies man. As a gropaga should know Inglip's heart was once stolen by a mortal woman by the name of Dorris, it is unclear whether this was before or after the marriage between Lord Inglip and Queen Elinus but Queen Elinus has always showed jealousy when asked about the subject so not much is known between the relationship between Queen Elinus and Dorris. It appears Lord Inglip has once again fallen for another and this may cause problems between the royal couple in future years.

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