The Gathering of Jdament and Drapity

Drapity appeared simultaneously with Jdament, suggesting a possible link between these two prophets in their service to our Lord Inglip. While Jdament is the Great Announcer of His appearance, Drapity appears primarily concerned with the undoing of the non-believers as the Kingdom is established.

Relationship with JdamentEdit

Some Gropagan theologians theorize that Jdament and Drapity are dualistic in nature, representing two sides of Gropaganism: the jubilee of Inglip's arrival on our mortal plane (Jdament) and the establishment of Inglip's empire and dominance over all earthly beings (Drapity).


  • "Heretics.. such insolent pigs, enjoy your bacon."
  • "Burn the heathen!"
  • "A new dark age is dawning."