Dialfer was one of the very few people who actually worshipped the god Oxallo (who is now dead, after he was killed by Inglip during The Great Battle of Trathira).

Apparently, he caused enough damage to warrant him being noticed by the Gropagas (more likely because there were only 2 other worshipers of Okallo).

War on The InternetEdit

The Gropagas were conntacted by an unknown enemy, who declared war on them.

Confused and worried, a gropaga questioned Inglip as to the nature of this threath, and he revealed to him that it was Dialfer.

The gropaga mocked this, saying how the only thing that Dialfer could do was "Unleash the terrible Trollcats" and "Make us (gropagas) solve impossible equations".

The situation became dire when Inglip revealed that he planned to burn down the Internet.

Obviously this plan failed.


Seeing how there were only two other worshippers of Oxallo (Prodilly and an unknown one) it can be assumed that Dialfor was the third one.

If he was, then that means that Dialfor commited suicide during The Great Battle of Trathira.

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