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Diagral is a country located northwest of Trathira.


Diagral is an ancient nation with a recorded history dating back a millennia. However, the most significant event in recent Diagralic history is the centuries long reign of Inglip and the subsequent decline of the kingdom.

During the later years of Inglip's tenure as the ruler of Diagral, over a millennium ago, his hold on the kingdom began to fade due to discontent of Inglip's rule. It is not known what Diagralian society was like during the reign of Inglip because many records from the time were destroyed by the marauding seperatist rebels.

Ethnic Diagralian warlords, including the infamous General McLenne, seized the opportunity to carve out their own smaller kingdoms from the border provinces, and eventually converged on the central castle, Magshea, itself. Discontent with Inglip's rule then spread throughout the kingdom, leading him to go into a self-imposed exile in Trathira, where he would re-establish his armies and reclaim Magshea and eventually the whole of Diagral again.

The Diagralic CampaignEdit

The campaign to reclaim Magshea is among the most significant of the numerous conquest wars being fought by the Grisidly Army, mainly due to Magshea's cultural significance in Gropagan history. The campaign is currently being led by the missing (and possibly slain) Lord Dentases.