DL'GOKN is a minor god intent on killing everything. DL'GOKN was created by a Xadyind as per Leanex's orders. 1 year after the creation of DL'GOKN (at the time of writing), he had gained 48 followers , and was known as the most psychotic of all the gods. His followers can be recognized by their white clothumes and the usage of horribly bad English when speaking. The only witnessed sighting of a follower of DL'GOKN in action involved said follower performing suicide with a spear made from a broken 4th wall, which turned said follower into a reality-warping vortex. This is apparently how DL'GOKN imposes its destructive will upon the world. Not much else is known of DL'GOKN, since it and its followers rarely appear anywhere...

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