Consfone of Trathira is the famed gropaga to whom Inglip revealed his sacred symbol, the Weedaula. Consfone spread the word to every Gropaga he knew and soon, the Weedaula was being sewn on to clothumes, shirts, hoodies and flags and also painted on armour and helmets. For his service to the Dark Lord, he was promoted to sage.

Seeking the meaning of the WeedaulaEdit

Consfone meditated on the secret meaning of the Weedaula for three days straight (to the sound of flutes), trying to comprehend it's greatness, but with no success. Seeking to "fulfill his thirst," Consfone sought the advice of the Dark Lord, who told him to seek the gropaga writer and historian Synnis for help. When Consfone asked Synnis for help regarding his insomnia, Synnis advised he either take a rest or have some caffeine, sparking Consfone's ephiphany that the Weedaula bore an uncanny resemblance to a caffieine molecule. However, other, competing theories s have arisen as to the Weedaula's meaning. F

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