A redditor chooses between the five gods.

Conohned is an odd case in the Inglipverse. To start off, he is the only Captcha Entity to be an angel and use his own captcha. Conohned, the Angel of Death, is completely hate filled at the thought of the Dark Lord. Having been wished out of existence due to the Illend Events(which brought about the ill end of Inglip) he hates Inglip more than any other god. It is uknown what Conohned's true goal is, but many of our scriptors speculate that it may be the burning of puppies.


His followers are named Cestalts. They worship the symbol called the Hemeamp.It is unknown how cruel they could be, but they do wear black cloaks so we can only guess that they are as evil, if not more than Shaskel. They do not have any direct weapontry and, rather, use Yoshis. They reside in space and are the most technologically advanced people in Trathira.


Lord Conohned made the great mistake of attacking Lord Inglip and starting the Great Battle of Trathira.

Ironically, Inglip killed the Death Angel.



Oddly enough, Conohned had not been completely destroyed. His follower, Sormayea, rallied minions of the fallen gods and converted them to be apart of Conohned's army with his silver tounge.

The reborn Cestalt Order grew in the shadows of Trathira as more and more people with a vendetta against Inglip joined. The group remained unnoticed, or perhaps just ignored, as Inglip and his followers did not seem to concerned about a group of enemies without a god while there were bigger threats to face.

During this time Sormayea and the new cestalts managed to infiltrate key positions of power in every different faction. The old city of Klyssis was chosen as the new Cestalt capital and the old spaceships were recontructed. Everything seemed to be in order for the return of the angel.

Conohned did however not return, and Sormayea began to worry. The newer members of the Order seemed to lose their faith and Sormayea feared that they would betray him. As time seemed to be running out Sormayea recruited the disgraced former gropagan high preist Lyeslat who agreed to help summon Conohned back to the realm of the living.

When Conohned returned he decided to make his presence known to his old enemy and tormentor by blowing up a temple in central Tiongraf.

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