"Someone made an Inglip subreddit and didn't tell me? The person who INFORMED YOU ALL OF HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE! You should all be ashamed!" ~Cevian as he discovers the subreddit of Inglip without anyone informing him.

Cevian is the Summoner of Inglip. While he is hailed as a prophet by some Gropagas, others believe him to be a false prophet trying to usurp power. Inglip did not release a statement on Cevian, or vise versa until roughly three months after the original summoning when Cevian returned, proclaiming that Inglip had named him as the Fadolimi and ordered him to spread news about W.I.T.C.H. by starting a new chapter of the Dectrip faith in the land of Tiffien. However, few Gropagas stood by Inglip's original summoner and his return was not made canon.

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