Captain O'Grades is a famed gropaga hero and warrior. He was ordered by Inglip to go on a quest in Albemarle. An excited O'Grades quickly agreed only to have Inglip tell him that the reward shall be small. O'Grades was dissapointed but still wanted to go, saying that the frenzy and bloodshed of battle will be enough of an award. Lord inglip then told him that there shall be no battles and that he will only be sent to collect his CD archive. Dissapointed and annoyed, O'Grades still decided to go, even asking if he should buy some milk or newspapers along the way. Inglip answered by ordering him to " romovall life ". A delighted and excited O'Grades rode on horseback along with an entire army in order to subdue the kingdom of Albemarle while crying and yelling " HAAAAAAAIIIIIIIL INGLIP!!! "

The reasons for teasing O'Grades can be debated. It might have been Lord Inglips evaluation of O'Grades by testing the limits of his loyalty or simply to tease him, thus proving that Lord Inglip is slowly establishing a liking for his loyal Gropagas, or he really needed to have his CD archive and decided that along the way he would have his Gropagas take over and convert another kingdom.

Lord Inglip sends Captain O'Grades on a quest in Albemarle.

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